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Thursday, August 4, 2011

A sore throat cure?

Today I'm dealing with a sore throat. It comes from a little man in my house who has been congested and coughing the last few days. Since I'm trying to work and stay focused, I haven't run up to the store to get something to ease the pain. So far, I have tried:

Sucking on Halls Fruit Breezers throat drops (these do NOT work, especially when they expired September 2010)

Drinking a miriad of hot beverages (tea, Ghiradelli Extreme Chocolate cocoa [complete with marshmallows] (these did not help, either)

I then decided a cold bevvy would do the trick. DO NOT ATTEMPT A COLA! Ohmygosh, the carbonation, which I thought might help (why, why did I think that??) feels like pins going down my throat!

My next attempt at a cure will be ice cream or a popsicle, even though it will be short-lived.