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Thursday, June 12, 2008

What am I? Chopped liver?

The boys came home from school yesterday and immediately asked for a snack. A cookie? I said they could have yogurt. I gave them yogurt. Things were fine until...

The oldest, 11, mentioned he was going outside to do chores and he asked his little brother to put firewood by the fireplace. That was the last of it (the conversation and any thought of doing chores) as they both started playing some made-up game. They were shooting each other with those foam-disk guns. They played loudly (while I was trying to do some reading for book discussion group) and I asked them to be quiet.

Thirty minutes or so later, their dad walked in and guess what? The oldest immediately put his shoes on and started doing chores! Ugh!!! I felt angry because why is it that when dad appears, the kids decide to finally do their chores??

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Half a bag of chips?

My five-year-old came home from school the other day and asked his dad if he could have a small bag of chips. Dad said, "No, because you never eat all your dinner." Child said, "Half a bag?" Dad said, "Ok, half a bag." Dad handed over the bag. Child at the whole thing. Dad said, "You better eat all your dinner!" Child said, "I will." Child did eat all his dinner! He made it clear he was going to eat the entire thing. I think he wanted a cookie afterward, which brings me to another topic.

This same child always asks for some type of dessert after he finished his dinner. Last night it was, "Can I have a cookie now?" UGH! I flat out said, "No." He asked why and I told him it was because he is always expecting dessert. We don't have dessert on a regular basis. I'd rather he have a surprise dessert instead of expecting something every night.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hungry? Or just wanting attention?

Apparently my little man (5) came home from school yesterday and asked his daddy for a snack. He said, "Can I have chips?" My hubby said, "No, you can't have chips. No snack for you because you never eat all your dinner after you've had a snack." My boy walked into his room with his head down and cried. He was crying in his room. Was this for attention or was he honestly hungry? No idea.

Hubby walked into the room and told him he could have grapes instead of chips and that boy's eyes lit up! He ate his snack. He even ate all his dinner!

Today when I get home, the boys will be coming off the bus and they'll most likely ask for a snack (the last time they would have eaten would be 11:30 or so, for lunch) and I'll happily reply, "Yes, you can have cherries or bananas," and if they ask for anything else, the answer will be NO.

Monday, June 2, 2008

I didn't really want to discuss adoption to my 5-year-old yet

He brought it up, not me. At dinner the other night, he mentioned remembering trick-or-treating when he was little (he's still little!) and that he remembers living with "an old lady and a lot of other kids" and boy, he doesn't know how right he is. He was thinking it was a dream, but we told him he did live with an elderly lady and other kids. I just didn't feel like this was a good time for him to start talking about his previous life as he is only 5 and most likely doesn't understand. He's still in a fantasy land at this age and can't distinguish between fact and fiction very well.