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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The chocolates in the box are not the same as on the key

Yes, that's right. Although this has nothing to do with kids, I thought I'd share it anyway. You know when you buy a good-sized box of chocolates, the underside of the lid (or a separate piece of paper) has the outline of the chocolates and which flavors are where? Well, there was a box of chocolates (this reminds me of Forrest Gump) at work and I checked for dark chocolates (this was a box of truffles in assorted flavors) and found what should have been a mocha truffle. "Oh wow!" I thought. "I should be in heaven with that flavor!" I don't eat a lot of chocolate - very rarely. I figured it would be a good time for chocolate and picked up that truffle. I took it to my desk and sat down, ready to savor that morsel. Oh, to my dismay, it was not mocha but some other flavor that I couldn't distinguish. I almost spit it out! I, however, did chew it and finish it, but I was quite saddened by the fact that the key to the chocolate was incorrect. Boo hoo.

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