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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The hiding place

Keeping stuff off K's floor didn't last long. That little guy thought he had all the answers. He was putting things on the floor between his bed and the wall where he thought no one would look. This morning, my husband went into that bedroom to check out how clean (or messy) it was, and he noticed a bunch of stuff between the bed and the wall. There is about a 12" x 5' area between the bed and the wall. Here is what hubby found:

last week's homework, not turned in
several pieces of Knex
green marker
knit hat
2 posters rolled up
Ben-10 watch
spy scope
pair of dirty socks
dirty underwear
3 juggling balls
hair clip - actually, K said he "found" it in the classroom. Why he didn't hand it in, I'll never know
a few miscellaneous plastic toys

What I am most pleased about is the Ben-10 watch and the spy scope. These were sources of light for K and he played in his room when he was supposed to be sleeping.

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