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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Alarm clock from Hell

I just realized, after the alarm did not go off, and after having spoken with my husband whose alarm it was and who had asked if it was set for radio alarm instead of beeping alarm, that maybe, just maybe, I set it incorrectly last night.

This morning begain badly. My husband's alarm is set for 4 a.m. For some reason, he woke abruptly at 5:30 and looked at the clock and said, "How did that happen?????" His alarm didn't go off. The display showed that it was set, yet it didn't go off. My blurry morning eyes couldn't see if the display showed a little alarm clock or music notes. As my husband wandered off to take his shower, I played with the buttons on the clock to see what was wrong. I couldn't figure it out but left my alarm alone as I wanted to see if it would go off at 5:35. It did. Hmm...
This makes me wonder if last night, when I was setting the alarms, if I didn't put his on music alarm.

We have had bad experiences with music alarms on clocks. They often don't cooperate. The radio/alarm clock we are currently using is only a couple years old, at most. However, I probably should have taken it back to the store after a couple episodes of setting the music alarm and having it go off, but without volume. And the volume was turned up pretty loud. Me thinks there's a short somewhere within the alarm/radio portion because the radio works just fine when you want to listen to music. :s

After talking with hubby on the phone just a little bit ago, after he mentioned perhaps the alarm was set for music instead of beeping, he asked me to go set one alarm for 4 a.m. and the other for 4:05 a.m. I did that before I started this post. I'm pretty sure both will go off tomorrow because why would mine go off just fine this morning if his didn't? Because I probably had his set for music. ARGH!!

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