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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hungry? Or just wanting attention?

Apparently my little man (5) came home from school yesterday and asked his daddy for a snack. He said, "Can I have chips?" My hubby said, "No, you can't have chips. No snack for you because you never eat all your dinner after you've had a snack." My boy walked into his room with his head down and cried. He was crying in his room. Was this for attention or was he honestly hungry? No idea.

Hubby walked into the room and told him he could have grapes instead of chips and that boy's eyes lit up! He ate his snack. He even ate all his dinner!

Today when I get home, the boys will be coming off the bus and they'll most likely ask for a snack (the last time they would have eaten would be 11:30 or so, for lunch) and I'll happily reply, "Yes, you can have cherries or bananas," and if they ask for anything else, the answer will be NO.

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