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Monday, October 6, 2008

A sissy girl

After dinner tonight, my youngest and I were sitting at the table playing a game - a homework assignment. He had a penny he had to flip and he had to write down if it was heads or tails. He was supposed to write a '1' if it landed on heads or tails. He decided to color in the box for 'tails' instead of writing a '1'. I gave him an eraser to use to erase the colored-in area and then write in a '1'. My fingers met with his and I noticed his nails were long AGAIN. I just clipped them! I asked him why his nails were long already and he said, "Because I'm a sissy girl." I laughed and laughed! My older son, who was sitting in the living room, burst out laughing also. Then my youngest, the one who said he was a sissy girl, said "I am a sissy girl who does the cha-cha." That is a line from the movie 'Bruce Almighty.' My boys LOVE that movie! Immediately after he had said all this, I just *had* to get online and blog it!

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