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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The door has returned

I certainly thought the door would be gone a while because K actually said he didn't mind it being gone, and hubby liked it gone so that K would sleep through the night instead of playing. Hubby decided to put the door back on after a fight over K'nex toys between both boys.

Yesterday afternoon, K was happily playing with his K'nex and was building what looked like the Mars rover/lander/whatever that car-thing was on Mars. J happened to be bored with whatever he was doing in his own room and walked right on into K's room and started building something with the K'nex. Apparently he had taken a piece that K wanted and they started arguing. K came out to the living room where hubby and I were and explained the situation. I just didn't really have any good advice as I was burnt out from a full day of work. I just looked at him and said, "I can just as easily take all the K'nex away and then you won't be able to play with them. You two should be able to work this out for yourselves." Hmm...

Not five minutes later, hubby and I heard K yelling at J to get out of his room and that he wanted to play by himself. It was a constant thing, "Get out of my room!!" Obviously J couldn't care less and continued to play. K continued, more loudly this time, "GET.OUT.OF.MY.ROOM!" Still J continued to play. Hubby hollered down the hall, "J, get out of his room and go do something else." Suddenly, we heard K bawling (he was in full-out pain, obviously) and hubby hollered for J to come into the living room. J came along and said that K had stood up right where J was stepping and that he 'accidentally' kicked K. Hubby had J do a strong sit by the living room windows. J was trying to state he was innocent and it was an accident but we didn't believe him because of his track record with hurting K.

I got up off the couch and went into K's room to see if he was ok. He said that J had kicked him in the gut. Now, if J had just been casually walking out of K's room, how in the world would he have been able to kick K in the gut? Something's fishy here. He would have had to kick high. Maybe K was still on the ground, playing, when J kicked him. Their stories don't jive.

Anyway, the door is back on. J thinks he is in the clear and not in any bit of trouble, but the truth is that hubby is still very angry about the whole thing. K is only 7 and J is almost 13 with a slight anger-management problem. Whenever they have a disagreement, K gets hurt. Maybe it's just that way with boys. I don't know - I just have a sister and I don't remember acting that way.

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Mommy to Lennon said...

Me and Becca have been known to get into physical altercations; I remember when I was 7 and she was 4 I ripped a headband out of her mouth which resulted in her missing a tooth. I've also kicked her in the nose and gave her a bad bloody nose. Neither of those are things I am proud of, but I don't think it's just a boy thing to get physical when something doesn't go their way.

And totally off topic, but the captcha for this comment is "ovary" xD