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Monday, February 8, 2010

The doorless wonder

K got his door taken away on Saturday night. I warned him that if he (or the neighbor kids who were there at the time) slammed the door or threw things at the door over and over (which had been happening) that the door would go away. Well, you guessed it - the door got removed and has not been returned.

This is not unusual in our house, you see, as we have done this before with both boys. They have learned that if they throw something at their door, shove something up against the door so no one can come in, or slam the door, the door will be taken off the hinges.

I thought maybe, by now, it would be time to put K's door back on, but my hubby thought it should stay off for a little bit longer. I asked why and he said that K had not been playing in his room at night. He tends to do that quite a bit. He has toys with a light source (Spy Gear binoculars and a light-bright thing for coloring) and he uses those to see and or to play with when he should be sleeping.

I guess we'll let it go for a little longer. I do wish his door was back in place so the poor kid could have privacy and also so he won't be hearing house noises (voices, t.v. volume) while he's supposed to be sleeping. We'll see how it goes.

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