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Monday, September 15, 2008

Just because you wear a hoodie...

... that doesn't mean you have to wear the hood. My youngest son (6) always puts his hoodie on (a fleece jacket w/hood) and then immediately puts the hood over his head. It could be sunny out, but cold, and he'll put that on his head. No rain, no problem - put that hood over his head. I think he thinks that since it has a hood, it goes on his head. He does this with his regular jacket which has a hood. The hood goes on his head. Always. And with his jacket, when the hood is on his head, it makes him look bald because the rim of the hood is elasticized (stretchy) and is fitted quite closely around his face. Looks pretty silly. In all actuality, I think that coat is too small for him. Which leads to another topic entirely: Kids growing too quickly!

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