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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The missing hoodie

Apparently last Thursday my child took his green hoodie to school, took it off, left it on the playground, went back into his classroom, came home..... without it. Friday he was to find it and bring it home, but apparently the playground ladies found it in a puddle and it was all wet. They said he couldn't bring it home all wet, so he'd have to wait over the weekend.

I asked him about it yesterday, if he'd gone to find it, and he said the playground ladies wouldn't let him have it. Hmmm..... why would that be?? My husband thinks he's lying. He is six. He tends to fib. I told him if he didn't bring it home today (Tuesday) that he wouldn't be able to go to scouts on Wednesday. He LOVES scouts. I told him to tell his teacher that he needs to bring home the missing hoodie. We'll see what happens.

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