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Monday, September 29, 2008

When mommy's sick, kids just don't care

I still find it hard to comprehend kids' thinking sometimes. I had a rotten cold and was homebound for three days. My youngest, 6, wanted to play at a friend's house on Saturday and unfortunately it was around dinnertime for the friend. My husband told our son that he couldn't play over there at the time. Apparently my son asked his dad if another friend could come over to our house to play and his dad said, "No, because your mother is sick." Our son came into the house crying, and he came over to me and I asked why he was crying. He said, "I can't go play anywhere and nobody can come here because you're sick. Waaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Oh dear! I told him he could play at someone's house the following day. He was just so upset and couldn't understand why no one could play at our house. I even tried to explain it to him and he was still sad.

Meanwhile, all weekend the kids tried to avoid doing their chores. They sat around watching t.v. or playing outside. I always encourage them to play outside, but of course I like them to do their chores first. Being sick, I really wasn't on top of my game. Finally, at almost the last moment (about an hour before dinner), I reminded them of their chores. They pouted, but they did them.

UGH! Kids.

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